Shared Practices Launches Shared Practices Legal, a Modern Law Firm for Dentists, by Dentists

Shared Practices, a leading dental consulting and coaching company, is proud to announce the launch of its newest business division, Shared Practices Legal. Shared Practices Legal is a law firm dedicated to serving dental clients in their dental practice transactions, and it is the only non-attorney-owned-dentist-focused law firm in the country.

Shared Practices Legal offers a unique perspective and approach to legal services in the dental industry. The firm’s team of attorneys and legal professionals are all experienced dentists, which means they understand the specific needs and challenges of dental practice transactions. Their tagline, “A modern law firm for dentists, by dentists”, reflects their commitment to providing personalized and practical legal advice and services to their clients.

Shared Practices Legal offers a range of legal services, including practice transitions, contracts and agreements, compliance, and risk management. The firm’s flat-rate pricing model ensures that clients can access high-quality legal services at a predictable and reasonable cost.

“We are thrilled to launch Shared Practices Legal and bring our unique perspective and expertise to the legal industry,” said Dr. George Hariri, CFO of Shared Practices. “We understand that dental practice transactions can be complex and overwhelming, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the legal guidance and support they need to achieve their goals.”

Shared Practices Legal is committed to providing exceptional legal services and building long-lasting relationships with its clients. With its team of experienced attorneys, flat-rate pricing, and personalized approach, Shared Practices Legal is poised to become a leading legal resource for dentists across the country.

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Contact: Dr. George Hariri CFO, Shared Practices

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